Sitting Duck Aviator Duck

What's with the duck?

The "Sitting Duck" image on my e-mail button is part of a larger painting by artist Michael Bedard. His "Sitting Duck" series has been around for many years. I sort of adopted it is as my theme. When I first got out of college in the late '80s, the apartment I rented had a large picture window in the living room, with a great view of the parking lot and they of me. I always felt like that duck, sitting there like an open target on my couch. Besides, I think ducks are just funny creatures. You can't help but smile when you see one.

I have recently found another duck image that's also very appropriate, which I refer to as "Aviator Duck." I don't think it's by Michael Bedard, but it's obviously inspired by his work.

For more info on "Sitting Ducks", see: http://www.sitting-ducks.com/